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Providing the most effective B2B written content for exceptional prospect and customer engagement to help grow your business, even in a lockdown.


Sales people will come and go but your content will keep giving for years without complaint.  You only need a low number of well-crafted articles and videos to sustain interest and engagement.

Your business needs carefully constructed copy to connect to your desired audience and communicate your message on their level. This applies to:

  • Articles
  • Press Releases
  • Product information
  • Web pages
  • Brochures
  • White papers
  • Reports
  • Guest posts
  • Social media
  • Memes
  • Video clips
  • Scripts/Screenplays

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All your content including, video, podcasts, live streams and zoom presentations needs to be prepared in advance and critically approved before it is published to maintain your business tone-of-voice and ensure your objective will be achieved.

As the infographic above shows, there are four levels of content and they all serve a purpose, the call-to-actions flowing from one to another:

  1. General - low visibility, readers already know you
  2. Secondary - Press releases, guest blogs, advertorial
  3. Primary - Though-leadership, full engagement (2,000-5,000 words)
  4. Product - Explanatory, educational and detailed (2,000 words+)

To help get your content on the right track, the services we offer are as follows:

  • Crafting your business tone of voice
  • Defining a minimum requirement of primary and product content
  • Product & services research
  • Review of existing content to be repurposed
  • Mapping content against Google search parameters
  • Review of competition, including websites and content
  • Research and selection of images, statistics and diagrams
  • Product training of your products/services where necessary
  • Editing transcripts to include on your website
  • Reviewing your existing website infrastructure for the following:
      • SEO
      • Navigation
      • Schema

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