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One-to-One Engagement

Perhaps one of the reasons podcasts are so popular is that they enable others to listen in with anonymity and in a time frame that suits the listener.

Before COVID, listeners would tune in at their desks or on their commute, in their cars or at home on their speaker system via Alexa, Siri, or Google.

Research shows that a higher proportion of senior decision makers listen to podcasts!

In a similar way to video production, podcasts do take some forward planning, albeit a little less complicated.

A podcast show needs an intro, and outro, some graphics, episode planning, guest planning, transcriptions and website planning. Post production is where the finessing is done as well as inserting adverts relating to your products and services.

We provide a complete framework to get your first series up and running posted to a hosting platform and distributed to all the major networks around the world.

When it comes to marketing we ensure your products are promoted on social media and anywhere else we agree they should be found.

Below is an example of a podcast player the embed your podcasts on your website.

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