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Digital selling means to attract business.

The B2B Sales Growth Infographic

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Digital Content Overview

Every business has its fair share of cold-callers.  Today it seems, most of them are marketers looking to find more new business.  But its curious.  If their marketing was any good, why are they cold calling. 

This website is full of content explaining how people buy and how marketing works.  They are supposed to be interconnected, however, things have got pretty much out-of-sync over the past few years.

At salesXchange we're seriously big fans of technology and software.  We follow it on YouTube on the news, and pretty much anywhere we can.  Digital marketing doesn't just mean a website, it impacts every element of marketing we do.  But there's a caveat.  You/we have to know where it needs to be used as well as how it's used.

Business owners have been sold marketing technology (Mar-Tech) as a necessary element through which their businesses can grow.  As a result, Mar-Tech has grow from 150 platforms in 2008 to 8000 in 2020.

Sadly none of the software has slowed down the failure rate of businesses. 

There is no Funnel

We use a funnel on our home page because it is a familiar representation of business process, however, no business selects a product and supplier in a linear fashion.  Product offerings and suppliers are viewed as a whole, compared and selected after presenting various options to a business owner or committee/board.

Your business success completely depends on new people reading, watching and listening to content about you and your products.  Forcing a prospect to fill out an email form before they can 'connect' with you is commercial suicide as it makes you and your content invisible to search engines.

We recognise and understand why so many businesses experience such poor performance with their marketing and at such a high cost to the company with little return.  

Educate to Sell & Scale Up

Whether you're selling to Baby-Boomers, Gen X or Millenials, businesses have been placed in a position that demands we communicate on a variety of levels. 

With lockdowns, 'safe-places' and of course fear, businesses must make themselves accessible by whichever method our prospects demand of us. 

Businesses must create multi-platform, authentic and engaging content that communicates a message that is more empathic than just 'sell, sell, sell' customers demand they are educated before entering into any kind of dialogue with a sales person. 

Gartner say 83% of research and activity occur before speaking to a supplier.

Now there's a level playing field.  Every prospect has access to multiple content options which presents some amazing opportunities for businesses.  Done correctly, this will increase turnover and profitability and reduce overheads at the same time. 

It's time to replace your existing sales strategies to the most wide-reaching and effective digital delivery methods that will work for you 24/7, 365 days a year and be available to any business decision-maker when it suits them. 

The Digital Sales Strategy

  • Prospecting & Cold Calling

    Provide Live Streaming to start engagement

  • Send Me Information

    Provide 'How to' Video & Customer Stories

  • Demo / See it in action

    Provide Video and well produced Live/Zoom calls

  • Let me think about it

    Provide Podcasts to help coach prospects about the next stage

  • Presentations

    Provide private live stream and Zoom calls 

  • Close

    Send out Adobe DocuSign Email PDF

Digital Production Deployment

The new Digital Production process falls into four stages;

  1. Understanding why and where the problem exists
  2. Understanding variety of content required, how it's received by prospects and where it fits with previous strategies
  3. Executing the new strategy using internal and external resources
  4. Restructure your business, redeploying staff and planning long-term management (implementing the new organisational chart) 

The above illustrates the process and where we fit in; we have the expertise to expedite the above as quickly as possible.  But that does not preclude you doing some or all of it yourselves. 

Recognising the problem is the first step to planning a more profitable business with increased ratios of profit-per-person-per-annum.

Let's Talk...

Digital marketing is about providing the content your prospects are demanding before they'll speak to you.  So speak to us first...

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