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Adverts for Digital Selling

As part of your engagement strategy we recommend you create multiple adverts to be auto-posted on social media to promote your amazing educational content.

Advertising Advice for B2B Tech | SaaS | Services

Our primary digital marketing strategy is to advertising content first.  Enable prospects to engage with you by self-educating first.  We do this by preparing a minimum 120 Adverts in advance. The reasons for 120 is once the adverts are ready, they’re uploaded to an online platform and you publish 4 adverts 4 times a day over 4 weeks and repeat – that equals 120 and this is what we’ve called Social 444.

Social 444 Brochure Front Page

Today's Urgent Strategy for Content Promotion & Distribution

No email or registration required!!!

Learn why a challenger is needed right now and what the impact will be on your business.  This is 'set-and-forget' marketing and the only way for B2B's to increase profitability ratios.

Posting is done automatically using a platform like Recurpost to publish to multiple social media channels and pages, so this really is set-and-forget marketing, and it doesn’t need updating for 12-18 months!!! 

Preparing them in advance also means:

  • It enables you to budget accurately
  • You can easily manage the process internally or contract the work out and
  • It enables you to analyse the tone-of-voice of your business before you click ‘go-live’

Graphic designers and creative types are aware that video, motion graphics and static graphic templates are available for hundreds of websites around the world at a very low cost, contractors are also available from contract platforms such as Fiverr and People-by-the-hour, so there shouldn’t be a question about cost or how long it would take to create 120 adverts. 

How B2Bs can pivot article graphic

The Bare Minimum Won't Do!

Writing good content takes time!  We thought this was enough to post our blog images up as the 'advert'.  It didn't work.  Prospects need to know what's in it for them and what they will learn.  So your advert needs to sell the content.

You must keep in mind that it’s the adverts that sells the content, i.e., your primary, secondary and general pages, that promotes the product pages and shows customers why they need to buy from you.

And finally, you need to stop using Marketing Automation and the forms that demand email addresses.  So no forms, no gate-keeping and absolutely no cold calling.  Take a look at Live Streaming for more on this. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard companies tell me that people/browsers downloaded their content and then immediately unsubscribed.  Then they’re perplexed when the prospects are abusive if they receive a COLD telephone call after they’ve downloaded something.

The other downside to marketing automation is two-fold, firstly, you end up hiding all your content form the search engines, so no amount of SEO or keywords will make it visible to Google.  A form is a form, and not even Google can see through it.  Take a look at our page SEO for Digital Selling for more on this.

Restricting your content behind paywalls forces reliance on paid advertising through platforms like Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook to gain visibility. This involves entering a bidding war for rankings and creating compelling PPC copy or eye-catching banners to drive traffic to your meticulously crafted landing pages. It's a complex, effort-intensive strategy. Conversely, leveraging Social 444 and targeted ads presents a more straightforward, cost-effective alternative.

Adverts for Digital Selling

Time to Get Creative

Below are a selection of adverts we have created.  There is no telling what your creative people and creative minds can come up with.  The important thing to remember is your adverts will be rotated for up to eighteen months. 

I know you may have seen these adverts, but the point is, not only are they the post images, they can used over and over in social media posts. 

Now imagine there are 120 adverts - you are able to see your projected 'tone-of-voice' and either accept, edit or reject the way it is going.  

collage of 92 adverts created for social 444

Live Show Intro

Your live show will demonstrate to your prospects and customers exactly how much you value them by the effort you put into your content, starting with your introduction clip. It also makes a perfect advert for social media.

Video Intro

Creating video 'collages' is a simple way to present as much information and content about you and your company in the shortest time possible.

LinkedIn & Facebook

Adverts can be uploaded to your feed on LinkedIn or Facebook.  If you want your advert to appear more frequently, you need to pay for your video to be presented to your preferred market or titled individual that the video is aimed at. 

Costs are based upon the number of times people will actually see your advert (Cost Per Mille - CPM) rather than the number of actual 'clicks'.

Story Telling

One of many possible stories you can tell about how business has been challenged or how individuals have risen in the face of adversity.

Titles & Intros

Make your thumbnail and intro image as interesting as possible to attract and engage before they click start.

Video | Intro

Whether you start a video with someone talking and cut to an intro sequence or start your video off with one.  Either way it adds to the professionalism and feel of what you're doing.

Video | Outro

Everything you do MUST have a Call-to-Action.  In this case it is an 'outro' video.  You can have adverts or mini-sales-pitches within the body of your video, podcast or live stream. But whatever you do, make sure you have one.

Video | Podcast

Short clips of your podcast are essential to get your 'word' out there.  Spotify, are now promoting videod-podcasts, so they are promoting this to be a standard offering for the podcast community.

Podcast Production

Using a combination of Adobe Illustrator Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects, it is possible to create collage type adverts that catch your prospects' eye and tells them a little about the show. 

Podcast Soundbites

We use Buzzsprout as our podcasting host provider because they offer mp4 generated soundbites, which actually look quite good.  It's important to have a variety of adverts for different types of content.

Meme Type Adverts

Go serious or go funny!  I guess it depends on what point you're trying to get across.  The important thing is to make sure it's relevant and resonates with your target audience.

An Adverts an Advert Right?

Last but not least.  Is it a matter of any advert will do as long as it's an advert. Well, I don't think so.  Although this was an early advert of ours, I do feel we tried to say too much and not entice the viewer to look at a certain page.  Also, one message at a time.  Here, we've got three.  

Promo graphic for video, podcasts and copywriting


It's never plain sailing and we've had to experience the business-typical trial and error.  But that's ok, especially as it means we make progress in terms of developing Digital Selling for B2B Technology, SaaS and Services businesses. 

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