The B2B Customer Experience & Customer Journey

The marketing industry is awash with acronyms, but ZMOT – really!

The B2B Customer Experience & Customer Journey

Looking at these acronyms, it makes you wonder what’s going on in people’s minds. But it’s not until you pull them apart and realise what they mean and how they’re affecting your bottom line do you actually sit up and take notice.

I think one of the reasons B2B marketing seems so dependent on salespeople is that the marketers rarely know what its like to sell to someone direct. So the closest thing to explaining the process is the ZMOT to UMOT journey.

In a nutshell there are four moments of truth (MOT), starting at the beginning with ‘ZERO’, ‘FIRST’, SECOND’ and finally the ‘ULTIMATE’ moment of truth.

  • ZMOT – When they realise they need a product
  • FMOT – When they realise you can supply ‘that’ product
  • SMOT – When they buy the product from you and start using it
  • UMOT – When they recommend you to someone else

These acronyms make up both the customers journey and their experience. Remembering these letters will help identify and focus the attention of your marketers or people who are currently carrying out the marketing.

But acronyms by themselves are not as affective as they could be unless they’re illustrated against the other elements of the marketing mix. We have provided some graphics to help visualise how the ‘Moments of Truth’ connect.

In the first image (Fig.1) you can see how the elements are ‘stacked’ meaning that multiple activities happen at the same time.

Marketing Stack sX 2018

Fig. 1

In the image below (Fig.2) you can see how each Moment of Truth connects right the way through the marketing mix and where it meets the marketing funnel, marketing technology and social media.

Marketing Stack Slideshow


Finally, where it all comes together for new business is the marketing nurture strategy. In the example below we have used a travel software product to illustrate the approach.

Customer Experience Infographic

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Nigel Maine

Nigel Maine

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