Ten Tips for Preparing Regular Content for Newsletters

I know how it is, you want to send out a newsletter, it’s a great way to keep in touch with customers and then it dawns on you, "what am I going to write about?"

Ten Tips for Preparing Regular Content for Newsletters

The trouble is, most businesses think to themselves, no problem, we'll include information about the company, our mission statement and for good measure, we'll include a load of information about our products and services we sell - WRONG - DON'T DO IT !

Newsletters are for news and sales letters are for selling, so don't mix them up otherwise your efforts will end be greeted with the delete key and disdain!

Get your content planning hat on and get thinking!

First things first, open up a spreadsheet and in the first column...

  1. Write up as many stories about your product or service, thinking of ways you have helped your customers.
  2. Think of ways your customers have adapted your product to help themselves.
  3. Illustrate the return on investment your customers have achieved.
  4. Think of what you say to your customers in the face-to-face selling process, remember the anecdotes etc.
  5. Mention any charitable events either your company or staff are involved in.
  6. Include any recent personal achievements for you or your staff, i.e. certificates obtained (training courses etc.)
  7. List any helpful tips that can help your customers (or anyone reading the newsletter) right now.
  8. Write about book reviews, relevant to your business/industry, not the kids!
  9. Explain how your product can work or does work with another manufacturer.
  10. Provide training articles to help your customers better understand your products or services.

Once you get in to the "swing" of this, it will flow.  The objective is to create a years’ worth of content. 

Choose your team

Next, identify the members of your team who can write the content.  Leaving it to one person who is not a copywriter leaves you open to the plan failing.

Then, separate each of the articles in to month order, i.e. if you're planning to post up three articles per month, make sure you have No.36 ideas planned.  Writing one article per week may be too much for some business owners, however, if you have another member of staff, get them involved (as long as they can write!).

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance – write them in advance!

It may be more sensible to write as many in advance as possible so that you simply have to post/publish each article according to your plan and not wait for it to be written.  The reason I say this is because all too frequently businesses are affected by external factors and the writing, editing and publishing of articles can very easily take a back-seat. 

Then, once all your articles are written and posted on your blog, once a month, create your newsletter and include three or four article summaries for the content of the email newsletter.  Nothing too complex.  If your customer is interested in any of the summaries, they'll simply click on the newsletter to visit your blog – job done!

If all the articles are written in advance and posted on a regular basis, you will become more visible, more quickly to new prospects and the search engines.  As you may know, it takes seven to ten “touches” or views of content/brand for someone to become familiar with your output.  This is not possible if your content stops and starts and shows no consistency.

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Nigel Maine

Nigel Maine

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