Digital Marketing Transformation Pt 3

Getting to grips with the customer jouney and customer mapping element of transforming your company

Digital Marketing Transformation Pt 3

Sales want sales and deals don’t magically appear, nor do appointments, therefore every part of the selling process needs to be connected and must not operate in isolation, which makes Marketing Transformation and the Customer Journey an essential element of your business.

Customer Journey

Control and guide your customers to your preferred outcome, don’t leave it up to them as they’ll go “off-piste!”.  Start by teaching marketers how to sell and teach Sales how to market, making sure they both know what the plan of action is and for them to all contribute.

Get everyone to write content and come up with ideas.  They may not be too hot on editing but leave that for someone with experience.  The objective is to create a ‘hopper’ full of content that can be systematically released consistently, which demonstrates your presence and commitment to provide a great service. 

Agree a six-month marketing strategy including a budget projection in advance, but don’t go head-on into this without first reviewing the following:

  • Interview existing customers
  • Find out why they bought from you
  • Find out what they currently like and dislike about your service
  • Ask what content they like to read

Don't forget 'Perfect preparation prevents poor performance!'

Database Segmentation

As the saying goes “crap in, crap out”.  Make sure your database is up to scratch, cleaned up and that it’s been merged and purged of all the poor and incomplete data.  Once you are ready to start output, make sure that the following points will match and resonate with your target markets:

  • Landing Pages
  • Emails
  • Images
  • Links

Copywriting & Tone of Voice

Take some time to consider how you want to appear to prospective businesses online.  It is rare that a CEO will write everything, therefore mix up the tones of voice, but keep in mind, that your staff are not taking to a long-lost aunt!  How do you want to come across to people and what elements of empathy will you use?

  • Online website copy
  • Direct Mail & Letters
  • Email Copy
  • Social media
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Twitter


We all like others to call us by our names, but in some cases, it can be all too familiar.  Applied sensitively, it is important to consider the following:

  • First and last names
  • Images that correlate to the person, business or product
  • Use of empathy

Persona Identification

It is a complete waste of time spending hours and hard-earned cash preparing a campaign if you’re not going to narrow down the focus and target specific people and or personas.  Here are a few points to consider:

  • Who are you selling to M/F
  • Authority/Position
    • CEO
    • Director
    • Manager
    • Executive Assistant
  • Industry problems
  • Industry successes
  • Company specific data

Create a content strategy

Write for the personas you want to sell to, using the resources of your existing sales and marketing departments:

  • White Papers
  • Articles
  • Books
  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Curated Content
  • Guest writers

Distribution Platforms

Define where you intend to promote your content and how frequently you are able to 1) create a sustainable campaign and 2) post up new content:

  • LinkedIn – Newsfeed or Pulse and Employee Newsfeed
  • Facebook - Company Page and Employee Newsfeed
  • Twitter – Company Page and Employee Newsfeed
  • Medium – Content Site
  • Expose Content via:
    • Paid Exposure – Vertical Market Websites
    • Reciprocal Exposure – Collaboration Approach

Define Current Baseline

 Chart your current performance to measure and then plan to scale up:

  • Review existing customer journey – would you buy from your company?
  • What are the sequences of emails and communications – are they generic?
  • What collateral do you promote – would you buy from you, based upon what you're sending out?

That’s Digital Marketing Transformation – Sorted!

Once you’ve planned everything and are ready to go, your marketing strategy and customer experience should look something like this…

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