Demonstrating Authentic Business-to-Business (B2B) Branding and You

If you're clear about your "business branding" then it should be easier for you to present your business case to prospective customers

Demonstrating Authentic Business-to-Business (B2B) Branding and You

Without a brand, you have to build a case why you deserve the business every time you get ready to make the sale.  That can be a thankless task.  Each time you go through the motions of a sale with a customer, you then get confronted with a sequence of questions that shows that they don't really trust you.

So, you have to make a case to keep your prospects comfortable throughout the sales/buying cycle before they part with their money.

The big brands had it made.  Large budgets and plenty of air-time on the radio and television made it possible for well-known names to remain - well-know. However, in today’s business environment the rules have changed.  It’s no longer the preserve of the big boys to maintain their brand and as a result push the small business out of the game.

Now there is a level playing field that allows every business including yours, to self-promote and remain just as visible as your largest competitor.  But you now have to master Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and of course LinkedIn.

Even after the recent debacle of Facebook, the UK Government and Cambridge Analytica, advertisers still won’t boycott Facebook, simply because they have so much sway with B2B and B2C buyers.

Whilst the Internet, however fantastic and levelling it may be, is available to everyone and their dog, businesses still have to adhere to some of the previous rules that applied such as business branding.  Unfortunately, it's not simply about instructing your graphic designer to create some pretty colours on a brochure or some cards.  There must be logic to what you are offering and a demonstration of intent to help and engage your customers.  Otherwise it looks like you want to con your way in to selling your products or services without having substance to you and your business.

There are some key words that can help describe and construct the essence of your business such as:

brand descriptions

There's no shortcut or easy fix for convincing your prospective customers to consider you over someone else.  It boils downs to basic human responses - How do you make them feel and what substance/content/intelligence/authenticity do have behind your company name?

In today's multi-consumer-touch Internet age, the only short description that completely explains and illustrates what we all have to do and be, is transparency.

Demonstrating transparency in everything we do is a sure-fire way to engage with our existing and prospective customers.  Nothing to hide, complete openness, complete honesty and being genuinely helpful and authentic.

Why not try it.  It takes a while to wholly act in the interest of your customer, but when you can really communicate the essence of you and your business across to visitors, prospects and even existing customers who don't know you so well, you will see a marked increase in the profitability of the relationships you have.

It may come as a shock to some businesses, but in order to play the game, we all have to adhere to the rules otherwise it becomes a struggle.  Understanding business branding and you as an entity are the most important building blocks of your business.

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