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A new status quo demands a new strategy!

COVID-19 has forced a change on every company.  Where Digital Transformation and Marketing Transformation were all the rage, we have now been placed in a forced lockdown and recession meaning businesses will have to rethink their short and long-term strategies.

Over the last few weeks, the business landscape has changed dramatically and we all now face unprecedented challenges.  Not only do we have to consider how we are going to keep our businesses going through the ‘lockdown’ we may also wondering what our businesses will look like in the future.   How will we both retain and win customers when we can fully trade once again?

Inevitably businesses will look different; whether that’s because staff have been shed, or because some existing customers will have gone out of business.  Either way the gaps must be filled. Everyone will need to re-evaluate and re-invigorate their businesses to recover what has been lost, but also to provide a firmer foundation for the future.

We also know that the playing field has been levelled.  Almost without exception, in the B2B market, prospects and customers are working from home.  They cannot easily be reached by phone and a face-to-face meeting is impossible.  More so than ever before, prospects and customers have to be reached in different and more creative ways that attract, engage and educate them.  This can only be achieved by having a clear strategy and the ability to produce high quality on-line content and media that sets businesses apart from their competition.

But how do you achieve this?

At salesXchange we believe we have the solution – not just for the current situation, but also for the future of the SME.  In an on-demand economy we are able to offer an on-demand CMO/Marketing Director – or Fractional CMO/Marketing Director – sX Director, as the smart solution to help you to achieve your marketing goals now and to grow your business in the future.

So what does this look like, and, what does it mean for you?

Put simply your sX Director (Fractional CMO) can:

  • Create a marketing strategy that helps you overcome your current hurdles and lays the foundation for the future growth of your business
  • Inject new ideas and creativity into an existing plan, with the ability to deploy and execute the changes effectively and efficiently
  • Bring a fresh perspective for the senior leadership team and help to lead a cultural transformation of your business making it more brand and marketing focused
  • Work with and/or lead your existing marketing team to implement new or existing marketing initiatives through clear and specific goals and targets. Take a look at our pages on Social 334, sX Launch and sX Syndicates, which provide illustrations about how we might engage your prospect base and grow your business
  • Act on an interim basis to head-up all of your various and sundry marketing and branding initiatives, while you look for a full-time CMO
  • Provide cover for a current CMO taking a leave of absence for a given period of time and you need to make sure your marketing doesn’t lose its momentum

What does Engagement look like?

Discovery & Analysis of Your Marketing Needs

We suggest that a successful engagement starts with a full and detailed discovery and analysis of where you are now, what your content and resources look like and what your goals are for the future. 

Strategy Formulation & Budget

To meet the goals, we will formulate an integrated strategy, with a budget.  As part of the budget we would agree to a number of hours or days per week where our efforts would be dedicated to your business.  We would recommend that this be for a minimum period of 6 months so that you can start to see the realisation and results of plan and changes can be made as necessary.


Once the plan and budget are acceptable to you, we will then become hands-on in realising the marketing vision.  We will work with you and your existing staff to execute the plan, drafting in, whenever necessary, specialists from our network of marketing professionals, where internal resource doesn’t exist. 

We will use as much existing content as we can and make recommendations for new content, such as videos, podcasts and long-form blogs.  Content is King, and right now, this would be the focus so that you can reach your target market in all possible media.  

What’s next?

Let’s start with a phone call to get the ball rolling and to see if there is a good fit.  To navigate your way through the challenging times ahead we suggest that you don’t delay, so we look forward to hearing from soon.

If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got.

Marketing Moments of Truth - Video #32

Watch our video explaining the importance and relevance of the Marketing Moments of Truth

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