sx social 334 content distribution
Three content items, posted three times a day over four weeks and then repeat...

The Biggest Bang for your Buck...

You want your business to stand out from all the noise and competition on social media.  You want a simple method to consistently present your business and products that does not cost a fortune but achieves great results.

Set & Forget

You only have to look at Facebook or LinkedIn to realise what the most effective players are doing.  This isn't rocket science, but rather understanding what achieves the best impact.

Our strategy requires the preparation of at least one months content in advance, that's No.30 articles, No.30 Adverts and No.30 Videos, and for one of each to be automatically published every day for thirty days.  The whole sequence can be repeated as often as required.
salesXchange Article Marketing
Repurpose existing content or create new articles, infographics or podcasts
salesXchange Newsfeed Advertising
Adverts to appear on social media linking to landing pages that provide free content
salesXchange Video Content Marketing
From interviews to documentaries to vlogs, filmed on smartphones to professional rigs

DOWNLOAD - sX Social 334© Marketing Guide

We're building a community of businesses who want to help each other succeed.  This is why we're making our strategies available to anyone who wants to generate more new business income.  We realise that not everyone will want us to work for them, that's business! But what we do want is for those businesses who already have marketing teams in place to let us know how they got on, what they would changed and why they would do it differently.  We will keep everyone informed who downloads the guide. Knowledge is power!   

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