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To gatekeep or not to gatekeep?  We believe that placing restrictions on content, only making it available in return for an email address misses the point of communicating a message.  It also harks back to a dated way of selling by forcing a business to give you their info so that the sales team can sell to you, whether you like it or not!  If you're like us, you'll download it, read it and come back to us if you need our help.  

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The Sharing Economy

B2B Marketing Syndicates

You've heard the saying "work smarter not harder!", well at salesXchange we create fully managed marketing syndicates that embraces the 'Sharing Economy' by match-making five businesses who sell to the same audience but don't sell the same products or services.

  • We build a syndicate website and launch it
  • We upload all the contacts to our marketing automation platform and manage it
  • We plan all the content and then write it
  • We plan a meet-and-greet with everyone's prospects and promote it
  • We orchestrate an exhibition event each year and film it

We even appoint a business director to manage your group and meet with your new business teams making sure there are no obstacles that might stop a healthly flow of introductions to each others customers.

This is CoLab Marketing on Steroids...

Every business needs new customers to survive, yet the typical strategies are simply not good enough or sustainable enough without employing excessive numbers sales staff.

sX Syndicates is more cost effective than any other marketing strategy you've come across, it is a structured, long term plan that releases you to grow your business by working 'on it' instead of always working 'in it' (Read The E-Myth, by Michael Gerber).  Download the brochure, watch the videos and listen to our podcasts. 

salesXchange Syndicate Marketing Strategy

Which group are you in, or start your own...

We connect businesses that can work together and sell together! See below:


Business Advisor
HR Consultant
Pensions Advisor

Office Tech

IT Consultancy
PC Maintenance
Software Training

Web Design

Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Public Relations


Office Furniture
Office Interiors
Data Cabling
Quantity Surveyor
Commercial Agent


Signs & Banners
Promotional Goods
Events & Incentives
Location Services

sX Syndicates Marketing Brochure

sX Syndicates represents stage three in the salesXchange marketing strategy and encompasses everything needed to promote, connect and engage with new prospects, but this approach means your business is constantly being introduced to the customers of four other businesses.

There has been a long-standing awareness that the current marketing model does not work as well as it used to for B2B organisations and after much research and in-depth analysis, sX Syndicates 'ticks-all-the-boxes'.

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Its free to register and put your name down to join a group.  We'll let you know who else is planning to get involved in your group type.  Once everyone is happy with the group, we'll invite the members to meet and if everyone is in agreement, we'll go ahead.  And we take care of the rest.  Download the brochure for more details or book a call today...
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Additional guides to download

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sX Compare Costs v3

Every organisation is different, so book a call when you're free and let's have a chat about your business to see how we can help...
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