Exploit the ‘wow-factor’ of your own event and engage your prospects and potential customers by combining presentation, demonstration and hospitality.

sX Launch exploits the ‘wow-factor’ and engages your prospects and potential customers by combining presentation, demonstration and hospitality.

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To gatekeep or not to gatekeep?  We believe that placing restrictions on content, only making it available in return for an email address misses the point of communicating a message.  It also harks back to a dated way of selling by forcing a business to give you their info so that the sales team can sell to you, whether you like it or not!  If you're like us, you'll download it, read it and come back to us if you need our help.  We hope sX Launch helps grow your business and please let us know your success stories...!

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Let the show begin...

B2B Marketing Launch Planning

Whether you’re a start-up, want to re-establish your business or presenting a new product, sX Launch is a simple and effective ‘kickstart’ strategy that's key to the success of your project, no matter the sales-cycle.

No two B2B Marketing launches are the same, but there's nothing more exciting than having a room of fifty to 100 potential new customers listening to your every word. But it takes a little thought, creativity and advance planning.

DIY or leave it to us?

Here's how we see it.  Running a business is as easy or as difficuilt as we make it.  If we keep everything to ourselves, we're not sharing the love, but also, not everyone wants to pay out for additional resources if they've already got the staff to do the work.  So we decided to put our thoughts and ideas on paper and publish them as a white paper.  If you end up using our strategies, let us know how you got on, we'll even post up your project on our LinkedIn Company, Facebook and Instagram Pages to give your launch an extra boost.  And then there's the other option; give it to us and we'll take care of everything, down to the last detail.

Time to shine

Like most business owners, you have worked extremely hard to get your business to where it is now and we both know, it's not about being a flash-in-the-pan.  It's one thing keeping ahead of the curve when it comes to products, but the process and 'grind' of finding new business needs to be systemised and once you've achieved regular exposure via sX Social 334, the next stage is to communicate your message face-to-face with other leaders and decision makers like you.

And the most tried and tested strategy to do this well is to make your prospects and attendees, the 'stars of the show'.

Launch Timeline

sX Product Launch Timeline

sX Launch Guide

Your business needs to approach its market in a way that encourages and engages new prospects.  The competition for 'face-time' and the distractions of everyday life often deliver lacklustre results.  sX Launch is the answer.

sX Launch is the perfect strategy to help you win new customers by combining event-type-staging and genuine hospitality that we know everyone likes to experience.  sX Launch also provides the ideal opportunity to create significant content to be used for demand and lead generation activities in the future.

Download the guide below, we're not even going to ask for your email address.  If you like what you see and would like us to get involved, then of course, do get in touch.

...Let us help

Leading on from Social 334, sX Launch is the natural next stage and we're here to help you explore the options that would match your business and, more importantly, the profile of your prospects and customers.  sX Launch takes time and planning and perhaps your existing staff have a full workload already or you would simply like some support in planning and executing your first sX Launch.

We're here to help ensure your launch is an amazing success.  Book a call today...

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