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Strategies to Scale B2B Organisations

As a VC you know marketing is one of the biggest headaches your portfolio encounters.  You're aware of them not hitting the targets they set themselves and the reveloving-door recruitment process of finding new Chief Marketing Officers every eighteen months or so.

The only way to change this cycle is to redefine the way businesses start and for those in trouble, change the way they operate.

A business can buy-in a member of staff, but they cannot buy a sale.  If marketing and sales operations remain tied to the past, no amount of new technology will affect a change in profitability and the gap will widen between customer and supplier.

Using our modelling calculators and documented strategies, we present recommendations that will increase the success of any business or plan (as long as the product is sound!). 

Our expertise and insight quickly identify problems and provide solutions to increase the odds for success.  Some of the reasons to engage us:

  • Increase the success-rate for all ventures
  • Increase confidence with HNW individuals and investors
  • Quickly identify ‘red-flags’ in business plans
  • Start up strategies to reduce risk and increase exposure
  • Existing strategy analysis and recommendations
  • CMO recruitment advice
  • Due diligence services prior to investment

Location. Remotely, via a live-switched TV studio with multiple cameras and a live white-board or in-person, depending on any working/distance restrictions.

Scheduling. Can usually be initiated within 1-2 weeks, depending on the time of year.

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