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Engagement has changed and so should the way you connect with prospects...

Seriously Engaging...

As part of your overall strategy, live streaming is probably the most effective and engaging simply because it combines the anonymity of podcasts, the spontaneity of live and the ability to publish and record same time, whilst  blending online chat if required.

Cold Calling Redefined

It wasn't just COVID that stopped businesses being able to connect with new prospects. That started long ago.  Everyone knows finding businesses that are either in the market for your products or could be convinced to look at your products is virtually impossible.

What is achievable is reaching out to vast numbers of people via email or social media and inviting them to watch your live stream where they can 'dip in' anonymously and keep visiting until they're ready.  Nothing can connect with new businesses like live streaming.

We take a dual approach for live streaming. Either we set up the live studio (at your offices or a studio) for each programme or you invest in the technology to be used at your premises and we operate it or we can train your staff to operate it themselves.

Video or live requires individuals who are comfortable talking about your business and or communicating with others connected to it. It may be easier to think of live shows as a blend of video and podcasts.

Whilst live streaming requires technical management, it does not necessarily require editing. That said there is software that can be used to give the impression of transmitting live and for operators to answer any chat or questions viewers may have at the time - but swtill enable the technical side to stop and start filming and to edit out any unwanted 'bloopers'!

Start thinking about your live show.  We'll creatre an intro, a welcome graphic, lower thirds name and titles.  You can also include Skype video or Zoom calls as picture in picture (PIP).  You can include web pages with your logo and branded borders and of course multiple switchable cameras pointed at you and your guests and feeds connected to compter screens to enable you to present slides or carry out software demonstrations.

Meetings & Presentations

Using the same technology as live streaming, by adding the professionalism of Zoom or Skype meetings and presentations can be elevated to a significantly superior level than probably any of your competition.

With the right set-up you are able to switch to different cameras, use picture-in-picture displays, show slide-in T.V. like titles and deliver the most professional presentation your prospects have seen.

This technology extends to home offices and is our general recommendation to help your business compete at the very highest level and deliver the most impressive first impression, all from the comfort of your main office, home office or both.

There is no time to be a late-commer.  Early adoption of this technology is essential for the survival of your business.

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