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FAQ - Why should we do an sX Digital Creators Workshop

Some businesses fully embrace new technology and are at ease with it, especially what it comes to software, computers and phones.  However, when it comes to creative ‘stuff’ like cameras and audio-visual kit, it’s one thing turning on a camera or pointing a smartphone at someone, but it’s another level altogether expecting someone to create a business or interview video or podcast.

Starting from a blank sheet is a bit tricky, but not impossible, but still takes a lot of time.  And time is something most companies would rather not squander.  This is why we have created a digital content creators’ workshop that dovetails with Social 334 and your overall digital marketing transformation.

Ultimately, sX Workshops are to empower your staff to create exciting and engaging content that exceeds the expectations of your potential prospects. Everyone has heard of ‘funnels’ in one form or another.  sX Workshops help your team create the content that fuels engagement and kick-starts an increase in sales.

You have to picture the scene; there’s an empty meeting room, and, like a stop-motion video, it gradually gets filled up with tables, chairs, roller bags, cases, light stands with big umbrellas, tripods, cameras, audio panels, microphones on stands and then the room slowly fills up with your staff, all wondering what’s going to happen…?

Content Creation

Personas & Segmentation

The first step is to identify your prospects and understand your existing customers.  From there we will create new personas and establish how they should be communicated with.

Articles Review

We then review your existing content and edit any articles available to show how they can be improved from both the reader’s perspective and from the search engines crawling your content to ensure it is highly relevant to search keywords.

Scripts & Copywriting

Whether you’re doing videos, podcasts, presentations or brochures, it is essential your team can create empathic grounded copy that can be read out loud or, if to be memorised, clearly illustrates your businesses tone of voice.

Video Technology

A hands-on explanation about why certain items of equipment are used, what the benefit is over other products and how all the equipment is set up, covering areas such as:

  • Camera Types
  • Camera Lenses
  • Camera Angles
  • Cameras on tripods
  • Cameras on sliders
  • Cameras on gimbals
  • Lighting Temperatures
  • Lighting Set ups
  • Lighting Effects
  • Audio – On Camera Microphones
  • Audio – On Lapel Microphones
  • Audio – Boom Microphones
  • Audio - Recording & Devices
  • Audio - Soundproofing
  • Connectivity
  • Backup
  • Filters
  • Script Writing
  • Teleprompters
  • Admin – File Structures

Practical - Setting up and shooting an Interview

  • Setting up the seating positions
  • Setting up the room layout
  • Setting up the props
  • Setting up the camera angles
  • Setting up the tripod slider
  • Setting up the lighting
  • Setting up the audio
  • Soundproof the room/area
  • Now someone says “ACTION”

When the shooting is finished, we show your team how to approach editing and introduce them to the editing software.  We take the raw footage and edit the content at our offices and deliver a completed interview in both 4k and 1080p that can be uploaded to your website.


We give your staff a hands-on practical walk-through of using a ‘built-for-purpose’ podcast console and teach them how to set it up, record a podcast and give them an introduction to Adobe Audition and how to edit a podcast.

Part of the process will be to create an intro, an outro and an advert for your business, all of which can be used in future podcasts.

A list of useful websites, YouTube channels and training platforms will also be provided should any of your staff choose to take this further and want to learn more about Podcasting.

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