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FAQs - Social 334©

FAQs - Content Marketing

How will you execute sX Social 334?

The first phase of sX Social 334 is to execute a discovery stage as in the sX Consulting FAQ.  This provides a clear plan of what you already have, what can be repurposed and importantly what is required.  Within sX Social 334, there are three main categories: -

  • Articles
  • Podcasts
  • Video

The supplemental categories are:

  • Downloads
  • Adverts
  • Curated Content
  • Memes

How do you do Articles?

We begin with researching your market and products.  Our copywriters will create keyword rich and engaging content your audience will want to read, with a combination of articles ranging from 500 to 3000 words. The content will include pictures, quotes, graphs, diagrams and a style of writing that is proven to keep readers engaged and warming them to your business ‘tone of voice’.


Upon completion of the articles, they will be posted to your website in an appropriate blog category section along with all the necessary HTML web headings, hashtags, ALT tags and formatting that tells the search engines it looks good and reads well too.

Without duplicating our own content, it may be  important for you to take a look at our B2B SEO Directors Guide for 2020 which covers all the necessary activities we undertake when we create online content - it's pretty extensive, but it gets results.  

Open Graph

We ensure that all images and descriptions have Open Graph meta data, which means the right information is displayed whenever the content is shared.  We set up an account on a URL shortening platform to provide additional statistics of where the links were clicked.

Google Analytics

Google TAG Manager is deployed to register any clicks we choose, especially the download of content, i.e. PDF documents.

How do you do Videos?

As you’re not expecting Steven Spielberg or George Lucas to direct your videos, nor are you expecting an A-list celebrity actor like Daniel Craig or Gwyneth Paltrow to present your business (but we can arrange it if you have the budget!), so we’ll work on the basis that between us we will get the right people in front of and behind the cameras.

It is possible to spend a staggering amount of money on corporate video, but that’s not what salesXchange or this strategy is about.  We are talking high-quality, 4K, B2B Vlogging content, either as multiple ‘one off’ videos or series of videos that can include any of the following:

  • Comment
  • Advice
  • How to
  • Exhibitions (Where you exhibit, or you simply attend)
  • Training
  • Interviews
  • Company events
  • Your Business Documentary
  • Customer service related
  • Product promotion
  • Product presentation
  • Business sales engagement
  • Vertical market
  • New starters

You may have already read, that we recommend 30 videos, but don’t think it’s too higher number as you can record eight or so in a day depending on what they are, e.g. a series, performed by the same person.

The key to efficient production of video is making sure everything is written up in advance such as the script and camera angles and that a teleprompter is used, which saves an enormous amount of time.

Video does take advance preparation and once the filming is complete, then the post-production work starts with editing. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at our video series; Video Marketing for B2B, where we explain some of the processes involved.

To give you an idea of what’s involved and how we approach this, see below:

Pre-production (Decisions made in advance)

  • Video type (Series or one-off) and quantity
  • Style: Interview, Talking Head, Product Related, Film only (no talking)
  • Format: Intro, Outro, with B roll
  • A roll (primary camera), B roll (supplemental footage)
  • Research, video clips, quotes, props, location
  • Script
  • Music for intro, A roll, B roll
  • Call to action


  • Set up cameras
  • Set up lighting
  • Set up audio
  • Set up soundproofing
  • Set up sliders
  • Set up props
  • Filming A roll
  • Filming B roll
  • Testing and pre-roll – does it all work
  • Back up video and audio


  • Editing – Compiling all Clips & Audio
  • Intro – Standardised for Company
  • A roll Multicamera Formatting
  • B roll and static images
  • Audio balancing and music
  • Motion graphics and lower thirds titles
  • Animated graphics and callouts
  • Creation of Transcripts
  • Thumbnails, artwork and design, Vimeo and YouTube
  • Credits

Final approval

  • Upload to Vimeo or Wistia (for website only visibility)
  • Upload to YouTube channel

N.B. Immediately after showing your video, YouTube will show other relevant or similar videos to yours.  This is standard for YouTube, i.e. displaying your competition.  We recommend a paid hosting platform like Vimeo or Wistia where only your videos are played, and no others are displayed afterwards.

We also ensure that an XML Site map is created expressly for Video.  This tells Google that videos stored on Vimeo, Wistia or YouTube ‘belong’ to you.  And the Google crawling Robots will connect the links back to your website.

In addition, we ensure that all videos are configured with Google’s ‘Rich Snippets’ ensuring accurate presentation of information to the search engines as to the location of the videos along with attaching a transcript which will describe the exact content of the video.  At present there is no other way that a search engine can know the content of a video without a transcript.  

How do you do Podcasting?

Considering the billions being spent on podcasting distribution by the likes of Apple and Spotify, your podcast is extremely timely.  As mentioned before, none of us can second-guess how our customers consume information, but what we do know is that they use all three; audio, video and in writing.

Whilst there is less production work producing a podcast, there is the issue of deciding what to record. In many cases it is possible to re-purpose blogs, videos and vice-versa, and it is simply deciding what headings and titles are going to be used and the order in which they need to be produced.

There are various formats open to you; you host it, we host it, one person talks, or you get a group of people to have a discussion.  The group can be your staff, your customers, your suppliers or a combination of both.  Whatever we do, we’ll make sure everyone is relaxed and they enjoy their time in front of the microphone.

As with video, we’ll record an intro and outro, and importantly a variety of adverts to be played during the podcast. Everyone knows the form as I am sure most people have listened to the radio at some stage. This is your opportunity to raise your company above your competition and demonstrate to your customers why they should choose you over everyone else.

Podcast content suggestions would be similar to the B2B videos; podcasts do not need to be any different, but do bear in mind that people will listen on their way to and from work and possibly sitting at their desks with their headphones on!  The important part of any audio or video is to be authentic and not to seem like you’re trying too hard.


There are a variety of podcast hosting companies that are all pretty similar in cost, however, one thing remains constant, the hosting companies/platforms all distribute podcasts to iTunes, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, TuneIn and a raft of podcast players.  This is done via RSS feeds, so once your podcast is uploaded, they do the rest.

In addition to the podcast distribution services, we upload your podcasts to YouTube as well.  This increases your visibility, triggers the YouTube algorithms and serves your browsers so that they can see and hear your content in one place other than your website.

How do you sort out Downloads?

Once the main 334 elements are complete, we look to ensure additional content is available such as:

  • Books
  • Reports
  • White Papers
  • ROI calculators
  • Guides
  • How to…
  • Instruction Books
and any other form of document that will help your customers to engage with you and your website.  All the available downloads will be visible on Google Analytics via Google TAG Manager so you can see the uptake of making content available on your site with and without gatekeeping.

How do you plan Adverts?

An advert placed on social media is treated as any other link and so can be set up to direct browsers to a specific landing page or webpage if relevant.  These are particularly useful if you have an event, an offer or something free to give away.  Depending on the overall strategy, we will ensure that the landing pages are setup, tested and connected to Google Analytics.

Adverts are very specific call-to-actions and as such need to be viewed as a separate tactic in the marketing mix.  We don’t just look at setting up a single page, we have to analyse who is expected to click on the advert and, if there are multiple people, we may recommend a mini website expressly for the adverts.

We make sure the customer journey and experience (CX) is reviewed, planned and measured with embedded analytics.

How do you Curate Content?

As part of any business communications strategy, it is not all about you and your business, therefore, we provide the mechanism to connect with external content and continue to post useful, relevant and timely articles from other related businesses, websites and repost other social comments.

Guest Writing

We recommend adapting external content, including exceprts when and where relevant, giving full credit to the writers.  We also will invite external writers to write for you about their products, ideas and so on and in turn provide guest article for others website entities.


We are not advocating pictures of cats and dogs, but it is a nice touch, to put up quotes and sayings as well as business statistics on a relevant image with your company logo at the bottom of the image. 

Our suggestion is to encourage your staff to take pictures wherever they are and to use these images to create your own library of royalty free, cost-free, stock photos. 

This continues to expose your business to the individuals you want to connect with and enables you to distribute your wisdom through 'word-bites' overlayed on images.

How do you distribute content?

We review everything in advance to ensure your tone of voice is accurate, ensure there are no changes needed and so on.   But that’s not quite it…

Social Media Automation

An account is set up on a social media automation platform that enables us to automate the distribution of all the content we have created, every hour of every day on every social media platform you have access to. 

The content we create is labelled ‘evergreen’ meaning that we keep using it month after month until we feel it needs to be updated or relegated.

When everyone is satisfied that the content, frequency and duration of the campaign is ok, we click ‘post now’ and that is the end of the 334 process with salesXchange. 


All your content is presented on your website and  used as the location to provide links to all social media platforms.  

Long-term management

As the days, weeks and months pass, it may transpire we decide to expand your reach by placing banner adverts on the websites your target market visits. We may do the same with LinkedIn and Facebook.  If this is the case, from a planning perspective, it is important you have a mechanism to collect and send emails to those businesses who have given you permission to connect with them.

We may create an email series or another type of engagement strategy that your prospects can opt-in to. This will be discussed during the discovery stage and it may require additional CRM integration and or a marketing automation platform.

The last leg

Depending on your resources, you may request that salesXchange manages your marketing for a longer period and perhaps manages and distributes the inbound leads.  This is something we can discuss nearer the time.        

I've got another question!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know by filling in the email below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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