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FAQ - B2B Marketing Consultancy

Engaging a consultant means speed!  Speed of thought, speed of execution and speed of delivery.  You can of course do all this yourself if you or your staff want to spend the time learning. 

We offer consultancy as a one-off service, as a stand-alone ‘product’ or as an ongoing advisor.  Consultancy is also part of a wider provision of services which is included in the discovery stage of sX Social 334©.

We visit your offices and work through a discovery phase to understand your business, the market you operate in and learn about your long-term plans.

This is where we look ‘’under-the-bonnet’ and evaluate your existing external attractiveness and marketing infrastructure as well as its integration with revenue generation, i.e. sales.  We want to identify any friction points that can impact on sales. 

In the knowledge that 60% of the sales process and exploration is completed by prospects before you even get to talk to them, our view is that your business should sell itself from your website and when your salespeople go and meet new prospects, the sale is nearly complete.  This is the premise that drives creating content under Social 334 and reduces sales 'friction' from prospective customers through the delivery of comprehensive and engaging content. 

Our discovery phase also reviews your website and the technicalities associated with it, i.e.

  • Google Business Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Site Maps
  • Page Speed
  • Visibility
  • Security

We also review your existing brand presence, your overall corporate presence message and what you stand for, your design and the ‘creative’ side to your business, e.g. colours, logos etc. If there is something we feel needs to be changed, we’ll tell you.

The information and data gleaned at the consultancy stage will become the blueprint for your future marketing strategy.  A report and recommendation will be provided, enabling you to decide if you want to embark on this journey alone or if you want to engage us by carrying out the work for you.


If you decide to do some or all of the work yourself, we are still on-hand to support you and your team with regular meetings or provide strategies and tactics for your staff to execute.  The long-term objective is for your business to become self-sufficient in creative content creation and to exceed the expectations of your prospective market.

Technology Integration

During the discovery stage we will identify any potential problem areas such as CRM, Marketing Automation platforms and business communications, from internal/external communication, e.g.VoIP to Microsoft Teams and Bitrix24. 

If this is the case, we will provide support to ensure that any new technology required is logically selected, installed and your staff are properly trained to exploit the equipment and for your business to derive a return on investment from it.

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