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FAQs - Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions


Option 1

  • Go Solo! - Read through our documentation, buy the kit and do everything yourself
Option 2
  • sX Consulting - we visit your offices, evaluate your business and make recommendations
  • Go Solo! - You then buy the kit and do everything yourself
Option 3
  • sX Consulting - as above and providing additional long term support advising your team
  • sX Workshop - we deliver our three day Digital Creators workshop to your team
  • Go Solo! You then buy the kit and do everything yourself, with our oversight
Option 4
  • sX Social 334© - salesXchange executes Social 334© on your behalf
Option 5
  • sX Launch - After you have connected with a sufficient number of businesses, you invite them to an Introduction Presentation event at a local hotel
Option 6
  • sX Syndicates - finally, to complete your long-term plan, we provide a strategy that constantly introduces your sales team to new business via the salesXchange sX Syndicate program, where we connect you with four other non-competing businesses and deliver CoLab B2B Marketing for your group
  • You share all the marketing costs and introduce your customers to each other's businesses

How do I get started with salesXchange?


The simplest option is to call us for a chat on 0800 970 9751 and we can help point you in the right direction. Or if you prefer, you can book a call using the link below.

We have a variety of working arrangements available from DIY, to consultancy to a full service agency structure as shown below: -

  • Go Solo
  • sX Consulting
  • sX Workshop
  • sX Social 334
  • sX Launch
  • sX Syndicates

Our strategies are exclusive to salesXchange!

How do I 'Go Solo' and take the DIY approach?


It's simple
All you have to do is spend some time reviewing our website, watch the videos, read the articles and listen to the podcasts, then download the documentation. Once you've studied it, you can implement everything salesXchange offers. We only ask that you keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

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Details and links are on our website

Can you provide consultancy and still allow us to 'Go Solo'?


Yes, of course, and it's a sensible option.

We want you to be empowered as a business to begin and maintain the salesXchange approach to increasing your income. You can engage us to discuss the best approach and keep us on-hand for as long as you need us.

Can you train my staff to use video & podcast equipment?


Yes we can…
We offer a multi-part solution where we first advise you about the best approach to organise your existing and new content and then provide a Technology workshop to introduce your team to the latest video and podcast equipment, helping them identify the best approach to tackle your market. And then you can 'Go Solo'.

Can salesXchange do all the work for us?


Yes, we will execute sX Social 334©, from start to finish.

First we provide an amount of consultancy to identify what you have that can be repurposed and then we provide a plan of action indicating how long the program will take.

See the FAQs for sX Social 334© which explains the full scope of work involved.

Does salesXchange do event management?


Yes, we will plan and deliver an end-to-end sX Launch promotional event either as a single one-ff event or as part of the process or conclusion of a successful sX Social 334© campaign.

How do I continue to grow my business after sX 334?


To complete your long-term strategy for business development, we provide a strategy that constantly introduces your sales team to new business via the salesXchange sX Syndicate program.

sX Syndicates provide a managed service, connecting you and your business with four other businesses who sell to the same audience as you, but do not compete with you.

Once set up, we deliver a shared cost B2B Marketing strategy for the whole group. This includes a group website, two managed events every year and introductions to each others customers.

I've got another question!

If you have a question that is not answered here, please let us know by filling in the email below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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