Marketing: Will it be plain sailing after GDPR Marketing: Will it be plain sailing after GDPR

May 2018 will come and go, but what will you be concentrating on; Strategy or Tactics?

If you’re like me, when I’m paying someone to do something, I don’t expect to be told that I have to get involved myself to realise the benefit.  We both know, when running a company you don’t need some new supplier interrupting you for advice or direction; they’re supposed to know!

plain sailing land rover

As the saying goes, “life’s complicated enough', so when it comes to marketing, especially this year, you will need to have both your strategy and tactics perfectly aligned to traverse GDPR successfully.

So, rather than follow the herd, salesXchange has an innovative approach to generating sustainable new business and you don’t need to lift a finger.  As you’re reading this article, keep reminding yourself why you should NOT get involved in a salesXchange syndicate.

The salesXchange Process: Here’s what we do

  • Build and maintain a syndicate website
  • Design and print a syndicate brochure and business cards
  • Write all the content every month
  • Maintain consistent communication throughout the month with customers and prospects via our automation platform 
  • Organise monthly meetings with all five sales teams to ensure there is introduction activity
  • Schedule, plan and manage two annual events

In addition, we even provide a telephone answering service and transfer the enquiries to the relevant company in the syndicate.  Yes, we have thought of everything.

So, we can confidently say we get on with everything and you can continue running your business without lifting a finger to do with marketing.

Five-into-one does go!

With so much great marketing technology available at the click of a mouse, you could be forgiven for thinking that everybody has it.  But when you add up the cost and the investment of time required, it comes as no surprise that a vast number of businesses simply can’t drop everything and make it happen.

Again, this is where salesXchange syndicates score!  We’re able to exploit the economies of scale by enabling five businesses to share costs. We create a new online marketing entity with five businesses. Using state-of-the-art technology we combine the databases and present the syndicate as an exciting environment for all the customers.

Being different counts

Think about this; once you have won a customer, to keep sending them content as if they were a prospect gets pretty boring for them.  Also, you’ve already won them as a customer, so getting more value from them by opening them up to new opportunities is a good business move from your perspective.  And your customers can see that you’re actually acting in their interests by helping them connect with new and trusted businesses you’re working with.

It also shows a degree of creativity on your part by the fact you’re working with four other companies and planning annual events.

People buy people

The syndicates’ sales people arrange introductions to connect with each other’s customers.  This is why you’re able to increase exposure to new business by up to 400%.  All contact and communications happen with businesses that someone in the group is already familiar with.  Through this connection you’re able to double up on meetings when visiting customers or arrange introductions however you see fit.

We appoint a Business Development Manager to your group who meets with you every month to make sure everything is running smoothly and consistent meetings are being arranged.

Meeting at the Events

Depending on the total number of customers, it wouldn’t be possible to meet them all in the first year, so we arrange two events.  The first is a social/networking event to meet and get introduced to as many of the syndicate customers as possible.  All the directors of the syndicate are introduced by the main host of the evening and banner stands denote where everyone can collect business cards, have a chat or pick up a brochure on the respective company.

The second event is a similar to an exhibition.  We contact all the product suppliers of the syndicate group and request they provide a stand and demo equipment (if this is appropriate).   The objective of the exhibition event is to invite both customers and prospects.  Obviously, the more the merrier. 

Off the back of the exhibition event, it could be possible to hold a gala evening or dinner, inviting your ‘best’ customers to a private function.  This also demonstrates to the other guests or exhibition attendees what a great business group you really are.

It’s about new business and it’s not rocket science

We knew there had to be an easier way to both connect with customers and to generate new business in the short and longer term.  Like I said, normally no-one wants to wait, but joining a salesXchange syndicate gives you a significant advantage over your competitors.  It's also a great opportunity to get new business in, whilst waiting for your longer-term content marketing strategy to come to fruition.

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