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Everyone in business would like to predict the future and guarantee year-on-year growth;  however, we both know this is virtually impossible.  But you can stack the odds in your favour. Engaging Nigel Maine as an Interim Sales & Marketing Director/CRO will give you a significant advantage to help steer your business to sustainable profitability.

Duration.  Negotiable.

Scheduling.  Negotiable.

Deliverable.  An illustration of activities are as follows:

  • Review and assess the existing sales & marketing plan and overall marketing infrastructure and assets
  • Review analytics, conversion rates and KPI’s
  • Review sales & marketing technology and integration
  • Establish a new overall new business strategy, if necessary, that helps you overcome current hurdles and lay the foundation for the future growth of your business
  • Inject new ideas and creativity into an existing plan (if one exists), with the ability to deploy and execute the changes effectively and efficiently
  • Bring a fresh perspective for the senior leadership team and help to lead a cultural transformation of your business marketing
  • Lead your existing marketing team to implement new, or adapt existing, marketing initiatives through clear and specific goals and targets
  • Be instrumental in finding a suitable full-time director or CRO who will manage and continue to develop the new processes

Nigel would work remotely, via a live-switched TV studio with a fibre-optic connection and multiple cameras and a live white-board or on-site, depending on any working/distance restrictions at the time.

Cost. £750 per day.  Plus VAT

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